Need Your Roller Door Serviced? Or Repaired?

Need Your Window Shutters Repaired?

Do you suffer from...

  • Sticky shutters?
  • Dodgy doors?
  • Grinding motors?
  • Broken cables or busted buttons?
  • We can fix this and more.

​If you’ve got a dodgy garage door, it will not fix itself!

Call the experts before there’s a real disaster.

It's important to regularly check that you door is operating perfectly. The door is a moving mechanical part - similar to a car - it requires servicing to keep it in tip top shape.

Garage doors require servicing every 12 months - an annual professional service will:

  • Help ensure safe operation of your door - no one wants accidental slips or sagging.
  • Eliminate excessive noise, your whole neighbourhood shouldn't wake when you open your garage door each morning
  • Inspect motor operation
  • Help keep your wheels, tracks, motor pole and springs - all moving parts - lubricated and running smoothly
  • Stop your door from jamming.
  • On the way up, or the way down, jamming sucks.
  • And of course we can replace most damaged parts 

What’s involved in a service?

  • Check all fixings and cables to ensure everything is exactly where it needs to be.
  • Lubrication of all moving mechanical parts
  • Tension is checked on the garage door
  • Fixings are checked
  • Force settings are checked
  • We check for wear and tear of the garage door
  • We ensure safe working operation.
  • We can also reprogram your remote controls, so all of your family members have an open or closed door at the click of a button.

Need Your Shop Roller Shutters Serviced?

Call us for shop front door and shutter maintenance or servicing, including replacements.

We’ll ensure your shop is opened for business, when emergency door and shutter solutions are required, while providing minimal interruption to customers.

We offer after hours servicing and will ensure each shop front door and shutter is securely closed.

Need Some On Site Welding Done Too?

We also offer mobile welding and on-site maintenance.

Call us to discuss your mobile welding requirements.

Our trade qualified sheet metal fabricator, is sure to assist.​